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We help your employees to feel and perform better by guiding their surf and smartphone behavior through coaching and with a rewarding "people first" software application. Being focus consultants, we research, advise, implement and coach.

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The Magic in Focus Management

Hocus Focus, you said...

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Step 1 - Focus Audit

We conduct a focus audit with your employees and management to determine your digital behavior and the mutual needs for guidance.

Step 2 - Implementation

Draw up of a Connectivity Charter and implementation of the Hocus Focus software with a 6-month coaching program, based on results of the audit.

Step 3 - Follow-Up Audit

After 6 months we can run a follow-up survey to show you measurable results on the focus performance and well-being of your employees.

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Focus Coaching

Hocus Focus isn't just another tool. It is a complete package of online and offline coaching.

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We truly believe in creating a better balance for you and for all people around you.

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